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Thyme, the herb of heroes and warriors

Radek Štěpán 24. 09. 2023

Are you fascinated by well-known and mystical herbs? Well, stick around because we shall take to look at a very popular herb called thyme, which has a long history indeed. Today, we mainly use it as an aromatic spice, but…


Strawflower oil can help you with many problems

Radek Štěpán 23. 09. 2023

Strawflower (Helichrysum italicum) is usually used as a favourite herb in soups and sauces, where it can replace common soup spice such as “maggi” or various curry-style spice mixes. But did you know that strawflower oil also offers medicinal effects?…


Can herbs replace a dentist?

Radek Štěpán 04. 09. 2023

Getting dental treatment when you want it or when you needed it could be quite problematic these days. Do you have overly sensitive gums, do they hurt often or do you have bleeding gums? If you, do you can alleviate…


A miracle cure against cellulite probably grows in your garden

Radek Štěpán 03. 08. 2023

Most of us see cellulite as a cosmetic problem but the truth is that if you fail to take an action and let it develop to its “final” stage, you may have permanent lymphatic system problems (apart from the ugly…


With the right pruning, your basil will grow wild

Radek Štěpán 24. 06. 2023

Do you love flower pots or containers that are literally overflowing with the leaves of this wonderfully aromatic herb? You can have them too, but you need to do one important thing and that is to cut basil correctly.

Freezing wild garlic properly – so you can use it in salads

Radek Štěpán 21. 04. 2023

This herb, which grows almost everywhere, is unique. Unfortunately, freezing degrades it so much that if you use it after thawing it is almost a worthless piece of a “green” stuff. However, there is a little trick that will help…

When processing aloe vera, the age of leaves matters

Radek Štěpán 25. 03. 2023

Aloe vera is one of the best-studied and known medicinal herbs, yet some aspects of its healing effects are still rather unknown. For example, did you know that the most active substances are concentrated in leaves that are about a…


You can make a nasal oil to relieve the symptoms of a common cold with just two ingredients

Radek Štěpán 22. 03. 2023

The assortment of cold and “stuffy” nose fighting products sold in pharmacies is not a great at this moment, and if you are not really into in herbs, you probably don’t even know nasal oils exist. Sure, you heard about…


Bad banana ends, beer made from bananas and other funny things

Radek Štěpán 27. 01. 2023

Do you know which herb is one of the tallest? If you guessed the banana tree than you guessed correctly. It can reach a height of up to 16 meters. Bananas are regarded one of the oldest fruits. They were…


Remedies directly form nature: herbs for scrapes and bruises

Radek Štěpán 30. 11. 2022

Do you love trips to the wild, running, or outdoor activities? Well, that is good, because outdoor activities are the best. You can relax, enjoy pleasant sceneries and recharge your batteries. But when you are enjoying outdoor activities sometimes things…