Can herbs replace a dentist?


Getting dental treatment when you want it or when you needed it could be quite problematic these days. Do you have overly sensitive gums, do they hurt often or do you have bleeding gums? If you, do you can alleviate these problems to a great extent by simply using herbs.

Well, the best treatment as always, is proper prevention, which mainly involves a thorough dental hygiene. Complete removal of plaque (including the tiny spaces between teeth) is very important but unfortunately, it is not a miraculous solution for all issues, plus gums need some time to recover. So, what herbs do we have in mind?

Yarrow, sage or arnica

For example, yarrow with its astringent, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effects has proven to be a long-term aid for swelling and pain. Take one spoonful of dried herb (you can usually buy it in a pharmacy) and pour hot water over it. Let it infuse for 15 minutes. Gargle the extract several times a day and roll it over and over in your mouth.


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If you are allergic to yarrow or need stronger remedy for gum pain, for children for example,try using arnica. You may prepare an extract in the same way but you may also buy it in a pharmacy as a homeopathic treatment.

Tincture made of sage

Sage offers similar effects. If you need to get rid of gum pain quickly use (in addition to the extract) a tincture made of sage – you rub the tincture on your gums. The easiest way is to buy it, but if your gum problems last, try making your own at home. You will need 25 grams of fresh leaves (you may use dry but fresh leaves are better). Pour over 100 ml of high-quality alcohol. Let it sit for a month or even little longer. When done, strain the mixture and it is ready for use. Dip a cotton swab in it and rub it on the problematic area in your mouth.

If you want to gargle the tincture, you need to dilute it first: use one teaspoon of tincture per two tablespoons of water. There is yet another use of sage tincture. Do you sweat profusely? Well, add a teaspoon of sage tincture to a glass of water and drink this “medicine” twice a day and you should reduce sweating significantly.

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