Nuts a universal cure for your body and soul?


Nuts are very underrated and they definitely deserve more attention. They will fill you up pretty quickly, which is a well-known fact, but they will also strengthen your body and we mean the entire body. That includes the overall immunity as well as other bodily functions. Nuts are a great supply of building materials for our body and our bodies are able to use these materials where they are needed the most.

So, what are the most popular nuts types you can find in our gardens? Well, let us take a closer look at walnuts for example.

Beneficial to your heart and the circulatory system

Nuts are very good for the heart and there are many different reasons for it. For example, nuts help you to reduce the “bad” LDL cholesterol and increase the level of the “good” HDL cholesterol. Both effects are very beneficial to your heart and they reduce the so-called pre-infarct conditions.

Nuts are also an excellent source of L-arginine, which also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Did you know that nuts are added to preparations that support erection? This substance is usually mentioned in connection with a physical fatigue, but it also has a positive effect on mental exhaustion.


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Nuts improve memory and keep you sharp

Walnuts are said to be good for memory and that is certainly true because walnuts are rich in folic acid. Your nervous system needs it to work efficiently. L-arginine also supports brain and nerve tissues regeneration processes, especially after injuries.

Walnuts are currently highly recommended as a dietary supplement especially for physically active people and for professional athletes or simply put for people who need fast and effective regeneration after training or who need to heal micro-injuries as quickly as possible. Nuts are high in calories but they also contain lots of proteins and are highly recommend for various meal breaks, e.g. after any training.

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