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Our taste buds love smoked meat. Do not buy smoked meat of dubious quality in supermarkets, but make your own smoked meat in the comfort of your own home. There are many smokehouses to choose from and it can be a time-consuming endeavour to find the right one for you. Take a look at the large selection of the best. Check the thrifty models as well as models for demanding users. Here are few tips to follow when choosing the right smokehouse for you.

Purchased or DIY smokehouse?

If you are a skilful guy you may want to build your own smokehouse at home. If you already have an outdoor fireplace, you may be able to do it rather easily. You will need material, tools and most importantly some DIY skills. You will spend a lot of time building it and it is not about financial savings. Sure, you will save a little but it is not about the money. The built-your-own option should be for the true enthusiasts.


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Choose suitable size

Choosing the right size of your smokehouse is important. How many people will you be smoking the meat for? How often? If you plan only occasional smoking for your immediate family, you will not need a huge smokehouse. It is uneconomical to heat a large smokehouse for few pieces only. Big smokehouse would cost you a fortune, and you would not even be able to utilize its full potential.

Also think how many grates and meat hanging hooks you want. This will tell you how many pieces of meat you can fit in the smokehouse.

And lastly, consider how much space you have available

The size of the smoker should not only be based on how much meat you want to smoke but also on the available space. Do you have a lot of space in your garden? If so, you can easily choose a a solid large smoker. Reserve a permanent space for it and you will be rewarded with a large capacity and performance. Smoke house may also serve as a decoration.

If you don’t have a lot of free space, then go for a portable smokehouse. You can even use a telescopic smokehouse on your balcony. Just be aware of smoke and odour that could be really annoying to your neighbours.


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Choose the type of smokehouse that suits your style

Do you want to have a fully authentic experience and smoke meat the way your ancestors did? Then choose a wooden smokehouse. The source of heat will be wood of course and wood will give the meat the perfect taste. Wood is rather difficult to handle though. You have to monitor closely and keep checking the temperature and often regulate it. You have to be present during the smoking process at all time. But if you enjoy smoking the old way, than you will have fun and the meat will be perfect.

If you choose an electric smoker, you will do much less work. You do not have to be permanently present. Electric smoker allows you to set everything and come back when the process has finished. You may even control the most modern electric smokehouses remotely with a mobile phone! However, the taste from an electric smoker may not be what you expect and you lose all the fun.


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Don’t underestimate the power of high quality wood!

You need to use the right wood for the right meat. If you have a wood smokehouse, use chopped wood apple, cherry or plum wood for tender meats. Or do you prefer a piece of high-quality red meat from a special breed? Angus? If so, choose beech. 

If you use an electric smokehouse, choose briquettes, pellets or wood chips. Specific recommendations for the best wood should be in the user’s manual. Use a basket to carry wood and you will not have to deal with the mess and cleanup.

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