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We all know the old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. A dog is an animal that is dependent on its pack. Dogs live in a pack and build their positions within the pack. If a dog is raised by people, its pack is the family. For that reason, the dog is forever fixated on a man. And if you spend a long time with a dog, the dog will not move away from you and will never betray you. Unlike another human being for example. For that reason, a dog can be a small consolation for those who are currently experiencing the trauma of breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. A man’s betrayal can be somewhat compensated by a dog. What breed is best suited for this purpose? Well, read on and you shall find out.

Consider your current situation

If you are a single, unmarried person and you are thinking about getting a pet, you should first think about your current situation, what your options are and what new responsibilities you will have if you get a dog. Each breed has different demands of course.If you are busy and spend a lot of time at work, including some nightshifts for example, and on top of that you live in an apartment, you should get a different breed than if you are a woman on maternity leave for example who lives in a house with a garden and is always home. All these things are important.


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Which breed is definitely not for you?

Before you decide what breed you want, try to use the elimination method and find out which breed is definitely not suitable for you. If you live in an apartment for example, then you should immediately rule out large dogs that need a lot of exercise. Get a smaller breed that you don’t have to worry about too much and that you only need to let out a few times a day. A dog that is quiet, easy going and will “serve” as a cuddly little thing. A Maltese dog, toy poodle or even a French bulldog should be ideal.


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Sporting breeds

But if you are a sport-oriented person with an active lifestyle who likes to go for walks and has a lot of free time for outdoor activities, a border collie may be your choice. These dogs are very intelligent, obedient and docile, but they require a lot of attention.When buying a dog, always remember that a dog is not a toy to play with, but you are getting yourself into a commitment for up to fifteen years or so!

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