How to apply chemical sprays correctly. Common mistakes

Chemical sprays

Not sure how to apply chemical sprays to your fruit trees correctly? Well, we shall tell you few tips that should make your decision easier. We shall focus on the right temperature, duration of action and on other aspects as well.

First, you should always follow the instructions on the product packagebut there are always recommendations or instructions that are [ is -not-seznam-user]

Suitable temperature and weather

Apply chemical sprays before trees start to sprout.Preferably in March or April and when the temperatures is between 7 and 10 °C. These conditions are ideal for spraying. Make sure that rain will not wash away the applied chemicals as they should act at least for two hours, otherwise you will have to repeat the process again.

Chemical sprays

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Spray all branches and the trunk, as well as bushes at the same time.By doing so, you will eliminate most of potential problems created by diseases or pests.

How to increase the effectiveness of spraying

In old trees for example, pests can hide in layers of old bark. Remove it carefully with a wire brush and then burn it.Painting trees with lime before the winter helps protect your trees from frost and it also kill some pests.

Do not forget to remove old fruit and leaves under trees.Diseases and pests can still live there even if you applied chemical sprays thoroughly to the tree. It would be shame to reduce the efficiency of your hard work.

Remove all damaged or attacked tree branches. This is yet another way how infection or a pests can enter your trees. Do not put these branches in your composter. You may burn them in your fireplace if you like.But store them away from the trees and do not wait too long to burn them.

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