How to improve the look of you garden


New garden equipment bought in hobby markets can cost you quite a lot. But in this article, we shall show you how to modernize your garden with taste and elegance, and it will not be expensive. But you need to put some effort, of course.

Make garden furniture from pallets

Sounds weird? Well, furniture made from pallets could be interesting and nice and if you do not want to spend thousands on a nice wooden garden seating set, you have an alternative solution. You can get pallets for free or for a small fee from your neighbour or a company that uses pallets a lot. The so-called euro pallets are the best for this purpose because they are of the same size, they are strong and you do not need to work on them a lot. But you had better hurry. Euro pallets can now be redeemed for a fee. If you get ordinary pallets, you will have to work on them a bit to make them look smooth. Most likely you will also need to paint them with a protective varnish or paint. Now, you need to make them comfortable and you do that with pillows, blankets and other textiles. You just made a cheap, comfortable, and decent-looking garden furniture.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

Plastic materials

Another very popular material is plastic bottles and we are sure you can get lot of them for free. Usually they are just “lying” around and with no use. But with a little work and imagination, you can make a lot of things out of plastic bottles. You can even build a house with plastic bottles… but we shall focus on flower pots made of plastic bottles. You may think that a flower pot made of plastic will look strange. However, if you hang a plastic flowerpot on a fence or let it hang from the roof of a pergola, it will create an interestingly looking and unconventional flower pot. Cut the bottle in half, fill it with soil, plant some creeping plants in it and you will have an interesting hanging flower pot for your garden hut or pergola.


Photo: YouTube channel 5T1 Garden

Magical lighting

There is nothing better than an evening romance in your garden. There are plenty of lights available these days and if you combine them correctly, you can create an intimate, pleasant and cozy atmosphere with lights. 

Garden path

A well-made garden path may add an interesting touch to your garden and it does not have to be fully paved. You can use materials you find at home or in a nearby forest for example. First, dig the path to a depth of about thirty centimetres. Smooth out the bottom carefully and cover it with gravel. You can add bricks left over from construction, bark and branches from trees or decorative pebbles and gravel. As for curbs, use thicker branches for example. A garden path made in this way will look natural and will fit in your garden perfectly. 

Preview photo: Radek Štěpán

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