You can sow beetroot early in the spring


Some of you may think that beetroot is not that tasty, but you should keep in mind that it is a very healthy vegetable. Unfortunately, it is rather underappreciated in European cuisine, despite the fact that its use is very diverse. Beetroot is excellent in salads, soups, as a side dish, row or cooked, baked or grilled. Including beetroot in your diet is an excellent idea. In this article we shall show you how to use beetroot in your kitchen and how to plant and grow beetroot in your garden.


In addition to huge health benefits and great taste, beetroot is very easy to grow.We can basically say that after you have sowed beetroot seeds you are done and there is nothing else for you to worry about. . Simply wait for two months and then enjoy the harvest. Sow beets in rows and always put at least 4 seeds close to each other. Do not be surprised if nothing happens after a few days. Beetroot likes to take its time and seeds sometimes need a week to germinate. But do not forget to water seeds properly. Beetroot is weather-resistant plant and can tolerate lower temperatures, so you can sow it in early spring. The soil should be well fertilized and the bed should get plenty of sunlight.


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Make sure you harvest beetroots when the weather is dry and before the first frost. Harvest may be little demanding because you need to pull bulbs from the ground. Now you need to clean them and separate the leaves.Do not cut the greens but rather twist it off and pull it. Store beets in a dry and cool place, ideally in your cellar, where they will remain fresh for the entire season. Do not throw beet leaves in a composter. Did you know that you can consume both the root and the greens? Leaves are also an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins.


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Many uses

As mentioned earlier, beets can be prepared in many different ways. The most popular way to cook beetroots is to make a thick borscht soup. But you can also pickle beets and use it similarly as pickled cucumbers. Beetroot is excellent in a sweet and sour pickle and this exceptional crop has the ability to cleanse our body and promote creation of red blood cells. 

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