Mysterious turkey tail and its use

Turkey tail

We all know what a weakened immunity can do to us and unfortunately, we all probably will have several “chances” to experience a weakened immunity in our lifetime. Fortunately, the nature offers an excellent remedy to avoid this problem but many of us are not aware of it and even those of us who are aware of this remedy probably do not use it very often. We are talking about the mysterious fungi called turkey tail (Coriolus versicolor).

It is a wood-destroying fungus, a so-called “wound parasite” which means that it gets into the wood through some kind of injury. And it doesn’t matter if it is a living or dead tree. But today, we are not concerned about protection as we will show you how to take advantage of this fungus. You just need to know what kind of wood these interesting fungi like. Can you actually grow it at home? Yes you can and you should because it is full of beneficial substances.

You need to have suitable wood

This is the most important thing, but fortunately, easy to achieve. Turkey tail likes oaks, beeches, hornbeams, willows and cherry trees, but it will also grow well on other (especially) fruit trees. So, if you have an old log in your garden that you are keeping as a nostalgic memory (or as a shelter for insects), you can make it a “nursery” too.

Turkey tail

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Go to the forest and start by collect ripe fruiting fungi. Ideally, you should do it from the end of summer all the way to spring, because during this time the fungi contain the most the beneficial substances. Drill several holes in the log or wood, blend the fungi with water and pour it into the holes. Now, you need to be patient. The first signs of growth should appear within 2-3 years. Yes, it is long time but after that but you will enjoy a rich harvest for several years.

Three-month treatment to strengthen your immunity

You may collect the first fruiting bodies after the first year, but you should let the turkey tail to get strong. If you do not want to wait, go to the woods and collect the fungi from the nature. Do not worry turkey tail is not protected. Here is the remedy. Dry the mushroom and then crush it it. It’s quite difficult but you can manage. Make sure you have a fine powder. When done, you need about 20 grams for your daily dosage for three months. Mix the powder with hot water and drink it, preferably in three doses during the day. You make also make a tincture out of it. Do not use longer than three months. It is recommended to take a break after three months.

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