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Mushroom spice

Rungia klossii or Mushroom spice – a contradictory novelty?

Radek Štěpán 29. 06. 2022

Do you know a plant called a mushroom plant or mushroom herb or mushroom spice? This herb is one of the current novelties that you may see in many florist and garden shops. The Latin name is Rungia klosii. If…


Growing horseradish in the garden is fun and never boring

Radek Štěpán 09. 06. 2022

You certainly know that the best horseradish is from your own garden. But how to grow high-quality and strong roots? You may try the annual growing method, but those of us living in Eastern Europe, especially in Czech…


Thymus: A Forgotten Beauty

Radek Štěpán 04. 06. 2022

Thymus (Thyme) is a popular herb and is very similar to another plant – Thymus vulgaris. It has a wide range of uses and it is widely used in kitchen, but also in medicine. It is very aromatic,…


Satureja should be part of any herb garden

Radek Štěpán 27. 05. 2022

Who would not know satureja? This spice with a rather strong aroma has a sharp taste and it is also used as a medicine. For example, satureja is part of a Provencal space mix and it is also…

Growing useful herbs (Origanum vulgare)

Radek Štěpán 19. 05. 2022

In the past, oregano was used for many purposes. For example, it was added to love potions as a unique ingredient or used as a talisman against evil spirits. Many used oregano as the identifier of the right…

Coriander: Growing and interesting facts

Radek Štěpán 17. 05. 2022

Herb growing is becoming more and more popular. Cooking your dishes from fresh ingredients is very much in style, and if you can grow your own fresh veggies right in your garden, then you are in. Coriander is…