Growing chives in a plastic bottle?


If you want to grow chives, you don’t need a pot or even soil! You can use PET bottle and some material that retains moisture and you are good to go. The only thing you need is few chive bulbs. This method is quite simple, quick and easy. So, get a two-litter PET bottle and start growing chives now!

Plastic bottle

Try to find the largest possible bottle. At least two-litter bottle, but the larger the volume the better. Growing in a plastic bottle is a great way to make use of something that we normally throw away. Cut the bottle in half and fill the bottom part with a spongy material that retains moisture well. You can use toilet paper, newspaper, sawdust, fabric or anything else. Fill the bottle with the material, almost to the edge of the cut bottle.


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Prepare chive bulbs

To accelerate the growth soak chive bulbs in warm water for 48 hours and you should always change the water in the morning and evening. If you do that, bulbs should start growing up to ten days earlier than unsoaked bulbs! When you are done soaking, dry bulbs with a paper towel and place them on the spongy material in the cut bottle. Pour in 100 ml of water. Cover the cut bottle and place it on a windowsill. That is it. There is nothing left to do, well, besides checking the moisture occasionally.


In fifteen to twenty days you should see the bulbs opening and growing. Once chives reach a height of 15 to 20 cm, you can start cutting. Remove the top of the bottle and cut it.

Another chive growing method

You can also grow chives in a plastic bag but you need to place it on a solid surface (for example, in a bowl or saucer of a large flower pot). Fill the bottom of the bag with suitable spongy material – as previously mentioned. Place bulbs onto the spongy material next to each other. How many bulbs will fit depends on how big bag you have. Pour water in the bag and close it. Place it on a windowsill and watch the chives grow. Open the bag only when the chives are touching the top and when there is no room to grow.

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