How to peel boiled eggs quickly

Boiled eggs

Surely, it has happened to you too. You managed to boil eggs for a salad or for sandwiches just the way you like it but those stubborn egg shelves just will not come off. But do not despair. We shall tell you few tricks and you shall never have a “peeling” problem again.

How to cook eggs properly

We all have our own proven procedure, but if you are still searching for the best way, we can help you out. First, never put eggs taken directly from fridge in hot water. Give them few minutes so they can reach room temperature. Use a spoon when placing eggs in hot water. Put an egg on the spoon and lower it down. Make sure the egg never “hits the bottom.”

Vinegar and salt

Eggs may crack when boiling. Maybe you are in a hurry and used eggs that were still too cold, or the eggs may have very thing shell. Either way, try adding a half teaspoon of salt or a teaspoon of vinegarto the water. Both ingredients will make the egg white to congeal immediately, leaving only a small amount in water.

Boiled eggs

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Baking soda makes peeling easier

Stubborn egg shelves usually give in to baking soda. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the pot where you boil eggs. Baking soda will slightly change the pH of the egg white and it will not stick to the shell as much.

Heat shock

Another way how to make peeling easier is to use cold water. Cool eggs quickly (you may even add ice cubes). The egg inside shrinks a bit, moves away from the shell and it should be easier to peel it. You can also gently roll the egg on the palm of your hand or you may shake the pot.

When you do, the shell should crack slightly and produce the characteristic sound. If done correctly, you should be able to peel the egg within a few seconds and the egg should remain in perfect shape. No damage at all.

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