Non-traditional flower drying? Use your microwave!

Dried flowers

Do you like dried flowers? Well, if done properly dried bouquets look great. Especially in winter, dried flowers remind us of the beautiful and scented summer moments. You can find plenty flowers in your garden or anywhere else suitable for drying. Any flower, or basically any plant, can be dried. Very popular dried flowers include lemongrass, millet, briza media matgrass, milkweed or various straw flowers which are used to make wreaths for example. In the following lines, we shall take a look at the most popular and less popular flower drying methods.

Air drying – the most common method

Probably the easiest drying method is the traditional air drying. Plants or flowers must be properly cleaned and any dirt residues or impurities should be removed. You can tie them into bouquets and let them dry. Dry smaller bouquets to make sure that the flowers keep straight stems. However, some plants like various types of mosses should be dried separately. Spread them loosely on a suitable mesh and let them dry.

Dried flowersPhoto: Pixabay

Drying in water?

You may be thinking that we have gone mad, but drying in water really is suitable for many flowers. Especially roses and hydrangeas are dried in water. This is done as follows. Pour about 3 cm of water into a vase, put the flowers in and let them stand in the vase for a rather long time. They will slowly dry and they should keep a nice look that will keep you happy even if there are no more flowers outside.

You may also try a fruit dryer

If you have a fruit dryer, you may use it too. This method is great if you want to dry individual petals and make potpourri. Use the lowest setting to make sure that flowers dry evenly.

Dried flowers

Photo: Pixabay

What about microwave?

If you feel like experimenting and have a modern microwave oven, you can dry flowers in a microwave… First, test the drying time using one flower only to prevent destruction of all your flowers. If you do not, there is a good chance that you will over dried them and your flowers will fall apart.

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