What herbs help you to treat liver or to reduce swelling or swetting


Unfortunately, many people will experience some kind of liver problems in their lifetime. These problems may be very different. Some of us may experience difficulties to lose weight and some of us may feel very tired. Blood tests should be done to zoom in on these particular problems. There are many medical treatments that you can undergo, but if you want to try more natural approach, here are few herbs you may try.

We have chosen four types: Milk thistle (Silybum marianum), Common juniper (Juniperus communissubsp. Communis ), sage (Salvia officinalis) and Blackcurrant

Milk thistle is a sure bet

You may also heard the name St. Mary’s thistle. or simply thistle. This herb is available and sold in many stores and in many shapes, but there is extracts are the most effective. It is mainly sold as a supplement for liver treatments – it regenerates, renews and strengthens liver’s activity but it is also beneficial for gallbladder.

If you suffer from various swellings, try juniper

Unfortunately, other problems may accompany liver problems. Swelling is one of them and to reduce swelling try fruit of juniper. Juniper is known to prevent excessive water retention in the body.


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Excessive sweating

There are only few plans that can overtake and overgrow large area and one of those beasts is sage. Growers – beginners love it. It regenerates liver, suppresses cough and regulates excessive sweating. All these are great features.

Black currant has a different way of helping

The last herb on our list is blackcurrant but you need to ask for the root extract. It is excellent for the liver. In addition, black current berries provide our body with necessary antioxidants and other important substances. And finally, a very important thing – like current tastes excellent.

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