Are your currant bushes blooming right now?

Currant bushes

If your currant bushes are properly cared for and planted in the ideal location, then you should have a rich harvest. At least you feel that way because of all the flowers. And it usually looks that way in spring. Bushes are literally covered with beautiful flowers.

But the disappointment may come in the summer. You saw plenty of fruit bunches in the spring, but now you only see few berries here and there. What happened? There may be two reasons. Not enough watering, but if you are sure you have done that well, then you have another problem and that is a lack of pollinators. This mainly applies to black currants, as these bushes are cross-pollinated plants.

The number of pollinating insects is decreasing and this can negatively impact your harvest

Let us face it. Our gardens are no longer diverse as they should be. Not many insects can live between ornamental thuja trees and English style lawn. So, do not be surprised if bees or wasps do not visit your garden in the spring – especially if there is nothing to eat for them.

Currant bushes

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Do you want to change it? Well, you need to let pollinators know that something good is waiting for them in your garden . A regular honey will help you to do this but you should get honey from local beekeepers as it contains known pollens. If you do that both people suffering from allergies and pollinating insects will benefit.

Mix honey with water

Take a spoonful of honey and mix it in one litter of water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray bushes with it. Your are making a sweet invitation that will attract bees and their relatives to your garden. Repeat until bushes are done flowering (and every time the rain washes off your invitation). If you do that, pollinators will definitely include your garden in their list.

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