Lovage is not only a soup spice, but it is also a plant of love!


It grows in almost every garden in Europe and we all know how to use it but today we may surprise you and you may learn some interesting facts about lovage.

Lovage is a very popular spice. It offers anintense aroma and a slightly bitter taste. It is often added to soups, sauces, meats and fish dishes. You can also use its seeds. For example, you may sprinkle seeds on salads or boiled potatoes to add an interesting touch. Crushed seeds will emphasize the taste of homemade bread or add more spice to hard cheeses.

Lovage as a plant of love

Lovage comes from love and the name of this plant says it all. Yes, lovage was seen and used an aphrodisiac for a long time and was one of the secret ingredients of various love potions! For example, lovage seeds were sprinkled on sweet dishes and served to the betrothed. This tradition began in ancient Rome, but continued until the Middle Ages where certain monks tried hard to discredit lovage and its powers.


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Healing properties of lovage

Not many people know that lovage also offers certain healing properties. For example, its leaves are used to fight cough or support kidney and urinary tract treatments (lovage has diuretic effect). To benefit from its diuretic effects you need to use larger quantities and add it to your meals.

Long-term use should help you to lower high cholesterol and prevent heart and cardiovascular diseases. All these great benefits just by adding a little lovage to your meals. Approximately one spoonful of lovage leaves every day, preferably fresh. No heat treatment, if possible.

Among other things, lovage also contains plenty of vitamin C so, it helps you to boost your immunity and strengthen your system. Well, a decent list of benefits for such a common herb, don’t you think?

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