How to propagate mint grown in a flowerpot


Mint is a widespread herb that many of us grow in gardens or in flowerpots. We all use mint to prepare great refreshing drinks, but also hot mint tea or various dips and dressings. It can make many dishes more refreshing, especially during hot summer weather. If you have enough space, you can grow mint in your garden and you do not need to worry about propagation, quite the opposite…

How is mint propagated in the garden?

Mint grown in garden spreads by underground rhizomes and propagates quite quickly and that is why many of us see mint as an invasive plant so, the focus is usually on how to curb its growth rather than promote it. You can do this by growing mint in a space defined by borders (in a flowerpot or in a space defined by boards). However, if you grow mint in a flowerpot, propagation may not be so easy.


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Taking root in water

If you already have a fully-grown mint, you can use it to propagate it. The mother plant must be healthy of course and the best time for propagation is during spring or summer. In addition to the mother plant, you will also need a glass of water, charcoal and vitamin B1. Cut a stem about 10 cm long from the mother plant. Make sure that the stem has at least 3 well-developed, healthy-looking leaves and proceed as follows:

Put the plant in a container with lukewarm water (around 30 °C). You can add a few drops of vitamin B1 to stimulate growth or charcoal to prevent rotting.

Let it sit in a warm but shady place (no direct sunlight). The ideal temperature is 25 °C.

Change the water regularly – every day. Always use lukewarm water.

Make sure that shoots do not rot.

In about two weeks, the stem should take root – it should form a root about 1 cm long. When it does, you may transplant it to a flower pot.

Propagation by rhizomes

Mint spreads by underground offshoots and you should take advantage of it. Dig out the roots from the flower pot. You need the white underground rhizomes. Remove them and put them in a separate flower pot. Place in a bright and sunny spot. Remember that the soil must never dry out, but at the same time make sure it is not flooded.


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