Do you want to have a better cucumber harvest?


Do you want to increase your cucumber harvest this year? Of course, you do and we shall give you an idea how to achieve that. This trick works like a magic and it is an ordinary milk. Even our ancestors knew about it and from time to time, gave “a glass of milk” to cucumbers. What makes milk so special and why should you let your cucumbers “drink” milk? Well, read on and you shall find out.

Milk is loaded with nutrients

Milk contains many important nutrients and trace elements such as:

copper ,

The big advantage of milk is that it is a natural and safe fertilizer so, you do not need to worry about children or pets. Cucumbers need nitrogen and milk can supply it easily.


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Soil pH optimization

Milk can optimize the soil pH and help nutritious microflora to grow. Here are few tips how to prepare a special milk fertilizer

Milk fertilizer

Dissolve one litre of sour milk or fermented milk in 10 litres of water. Add 3 drops of iodine and that is it.You now have a natural milk fertilizer. One cucumber plant should get 1 litre of milk fertilizer. The important thing is to use high quality milk. Do not use long-life milk that has been pasteurized. Certain recipes tell you to dilute the milk in 1:2 ratio, but that tends to be little too strong.


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