Clove and its universal use


Clove is a well-known spice and we all know how to use it. It is the nice smell why clove is an inseparable part of many sweet-smelling dishes. But did you know that clove is not only used for cooking? Clove is a versatile ingredient and it is used for other purposes as well. Clove (Flos caryophylli aromatici) is the plant that produces this typical spice. People have always valued it not only for its aromatic smell, but also for its medicinal effects.

Medicinal effects of clove

Cloves have antibacterial effects and can strengthen our immunity. Many people use cloves as disinfectant but it is also used as a pain reliever. It is also a part of many detoxification programmes, as it cleans our bodies. It is also diuretic and supports correct metabolic functions. Many of us use it to support respiratory system, especially when we get the cold, flu or any other inflammation of the respiratory system. It is also used to fight nausea and joint pain and finally, it is also said to have aphrodisiac properties.


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Pain relief tincture

Based on the rather extensive list of medicinal benefits above, it is a good idea to have some cloves handy. We shall tell you how to make a tincture out of cloves. Take a handful of cloves and mix it with 500 ml of strong alcohol. Let it sit in a dark place for several weeks and then strain the mixture using a dense cloth and pour it into dark bottles. Use few drops against toothache or gum pain or as a disinfectant.

Clove oil

You can buy clove oil in special stores and use it to massage painful muscles or you may apply it to sore joints and swollen areas. The pain should subside within a few days.

Insect repellent

If you want to get rid of buzzing insects in the summer, try using cloves. Cloves are very aromatic and insects do not like the smell. So, put few cloves in a bowl of water and place it on a windowsill or near door and the aroma should keep annoying insect away.

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