Crassula, commonly known as the jade plant, can bloom three times a year

Jade plant

Do you like indoor plants? If you do, the chances are that you also have a popular plant called a jade plant but it has many other household names such as the friendship plant or the money plant. It is typical for its fat and strong leaves. People actually grow this plant for its strong leaves and not so much for flowers but if you provide proper nutrition, it can bloom up to three times a year. So, how to grow the jade plant properly? Well, we shall tell you in the following lines.

Popular plant for beginners

Crassula is a very popular plant in Eastern Europe. It is a very undemanding plant and that is why people who have no experience with growing houseplants like it a lot. Propagation is also very easy and it is done be planting leaves or cuttings directly in the soil. Crassula easily takes a root and grows without problems and will make you happy for a long time. But what about if you want to see flowers more often?

Jade plant

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Wood ash extract

This is supper easy. Put wood ash in a bucket and pour hot water over it. Let the mixture infuse for about 24 hours. When done use the extract to water the roots of the plant.

Proper winterization is very important

If you want crassula to bloom more, you need to winterize it properly. If you do it right, the plant will have enough energy to bloom. First, move it to a bright place. Make sure that daylight remains in that location as long as possible. The other important thing is temperature. It should range from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, as this temperature is best for crassula to gain the much-needed energy for flowering. You also need to winterize in time. Move crassula indoors at the beginning of September. Low temperatures can destroy your plant.


Do not water too much. Crassula does not need much water – it is a plant that is classified as succulents – a plant that collects and stores moisture in leaves. Do not fertilize during the winter.

Jade plant

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Crassula blooms best in spring and summer

True, but with proper care, you may be able to enjoy flowers even during winter. If you follow the above recommendations and water with the ash extract, your plant should bloom three times a year.

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