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Citruses are an essential part of our diet, despite the fact that they have hard time to fully ripen in our climate (there are some “resilient” lemon trees in Moravia that can do that), but there are other uses of lemons in addition of being a healthy part of our menu. Lemons can make many other aspects of our lives easier. We are talking about cleaning and taking care of our body.

Lemons can get rid of odours

This fact is not new, but many people do not use lemons for cleaning purposes and many still do not know how. Lemons are excellent if you want to thoroughly clean a wooden kitchen cutting board for example because even dishwasher cannot do it, and you still need to clean it afterwards (which is usually impossible anyway). Simple washing and rinsing is not enough either because the foul odours usually remain. The solution is to rub everything at the end with a slice of lemon. This will remove the unwanted smells and your board will be disinfected as well.

Fruit acids to fight rough skin?

Have you heard of a glycolic peeling? It gently separates dead cells from your skin but it is quite expensive and you cannot do it at home, but if you use lemon you can almost do the same. Cut the lemon open and sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda on one half. Then rub this natural remedy over your heels and anywhere you have rough skin for about a minute. After 15 minutes, wash with water, dry and treat the a suitable skin cream. Put your socks on before you go to bed and you will see the difference in the morning.


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Use lemon to clean coffee and tea stains

We all have seen a rather unsightly discoloration at the bottom of ceramic mugs and cups, right? Do not despair. Pour a lemon juice inside the cup and let it sit overnight to loosen the “dirt”. Now, put it in the dishwasher and run the most intensive program you have (you can also wash it thoroughly by hand for several minutes) and the unsightly coating will disappear.

Lemon and lime scale

Take a cut lemon to the bathroom and rub it on all places where you have the ugly lime scale deposits. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, rinse with water and dry. The scale should loosen enough so you can wipe it off easily. It may even “disappear”.

Do you want to make your skin looking younger?

Are you struggling with age spots or acne? Rub the affected area with a lemon juice and leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Repeat for a few days or even weeks and your skin will be refreshed and younger-looking.

Oven cleaning

Cut lemon and rub lemon juice on dirty spots in your oven. Wait five minutes and then put inside a cup of water with two spoons of lemon juice. Turn the oven to maximum power. After five minutes, turn it off and let it rest overnight. In the morning, stubborn dirt spots will be loose enough so you can simply wipe them off.

Dry lemon peel can also help you with shoe smell

Do you want to get rid of annoying shoe smell? Use dry lemon peel and put it in a canvas bag. Slide the bag inside your shoes and let it there overnight. The next morning you will have odour-free shoes.

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