Grow parsley with no seeds

Parsley is a great herb and it is used in many recipes and in many world cuisines so, we are all very familiar with its taste. The main use is in soups or as garnishing, for example on top of boiled potatoes, but there are other uses you may not be aware of. Parsley can give food the extra touch that may be needed to elevate it to the next level and it also offers many health benefits. It is available in any store but home-grown is cheaper and better of course. Try it. It is not difficult at all.

You do not need seeds

You can also grow parsley from the root that you bought in a regular store. The only condition is that the leaves must be fresh and healthy looking. That may be a problem with store-bought veggies . Make sure to choose parsley that has beautiful leaves as they are the most important indicator of good health. The best thing is to buy parsley from a farmer you know.


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Growing parsley

Growing parsley is easy. Get a flower pot with a fertile soil. Place the root in the soil so that the top and the greens stick out a little. Put the flowerpot on a windowsill that gets enough light. Water regularly. If you have cut ends of parsley, when you finish preparatory work in your kitchen for example, you can plant the pieces and grow another parsley. Put the ends in water to help them to take root. When they do, transfer them to a container with fertile tiles soil.

How long before it grows?

Parsley grows quite fast. Sometimes you may see the first green leaves in as little as a week and you can already use the leaves for cooking. It is not a good idea to cut all the greens at once – always leave at least few for the plant. This will force the plant to create even more green leaves quicker.

Health benefits of parsley

In addition to great taste, parsley is also a good source of nutrients as it contains large amount of vitamin C – a well-known antioxidant that help us improve our immunity. It also contains iron and lack of iron is a particular problem for women. It also contains magnesium, which can regulate blood pressure and improve memory and concentration. You can prepare various parsley sauces or make pesto and use it on your pasta. Parsley is great for herb butter but you can use it in plenty of dishes too.


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