Do you have a cat that loves to sleep in your bed?


It is often said that the cat is a gracious creature that kindly allows you to share its space with it. When you take a look at many households it certainly seems so. Does your furry companion use your pillows or even your bed? If you want to change it, check out the following tips that may help.

The best approach is to set certain rules from the very first time you bring your kitten home. But if you missed this opportunity, do not despair. You can still do many things. The first step is to provide your cat with its own bed. But not every bed will do.

Purchasing a bed for a cat is tricky

First, observe where your cat likes to sleep most often. If your cat likes to observe everything from an elevated point, a bed on the ground will not make her very happy. A cat house or bed placed on a ladder of some kind will be much better. Also make sure that your cat has enough space inside (cats like to stretch out) and that you can wash it easily.

There are many materials cat houses are made of so, take into account where you want to place it. Choose a warmer or airy location – whatever suits your cat better.


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Cat house is great but my cat still prefers my bed…

Yes, that can happen. Sometimes you have to back over backwards but your furry friend may still fail to appreciate all your efforts. If that happens, try to figure out why your cat keeps taking your personal space. There may be several reasons.

  • Your cat considers you her property, so it is natural for her to sleep with you.
  • Your cat likes your bed because it is the dominating piece in the room.
  • Your cat feels safe with you.
  • Your cat wants to worm you up and keep you warm or simply misses you. You may be long gone each day for example.

There are few changes you can apply to your daily routine. Let us show you those that work best.

Give your cat plenty of attention

This is very important. Play with her and pet her until she says enough. She will get “tired” of you and sleep better at night and with any luck, your cat will not care that much where it sleeps. If you think she needs you to feel safe, put a part of your clothes in her bed. This works with many cats.

Try to place the cat house or bed where the cat is used to sleeping – even in your bedroom, if there is no other way. And if you have to accommodate the cat in another room, never close the room – at least at the beginning. Place treats in her bed and pet her when she enters the bed. She will remember that and will create a “connection” to that place.

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