Essential rules for growing onions


Do you want to grow onions? If so, you should read the rules below. You will learn for example, how to fertilize onions properly.


Did you know that onions do not like heavy earthy soil? If you have a heavy soil in your garden, you need to add sand with peat and mix it well. The base substrate should be slightly alkaline. If it is acidic, add ground dolomite limestone at the beginning of autumn.

Seedling planting

Before planting new seedlings, soak them in potassium permanganate for 10 to 20 minutes to disinfect them.

Faster onion growth

If you want to speed up the growth try cutting off the tip of the plant.

Planting in the ground

Try this trick. Lightly salt the soil after planting. This will help you to get rid of onion flies later.

Pest protection

To protect onions from pests, plant carrots next to it. Onion and carrots actually help each other.


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Onions will last a longer if you harvest at the right time and that means you should be done before the very first rains in August. The recommended harvest time is at the end of July.


You should check stored onions regularly. As soon as one starts rotting the other onions will get affected quickly. Even a single onion can cause a lot of damage.


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Few onion tricks

Onion can save rice

Did you burn rice? Do not despair. Place a half of sliced onion on top and cover with lid. After a while, the onion will absorb the burnt taste and will improve the rice aroma.

Skin scars?

Large scars usually have very distinctive colouring, and they are very visible. That is another occasion when ordinary onions can help you. Put a few slices on the scar and let them work. The colour will become more natural and therefore less visible. You will see results in a few days.

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