Learn how to propagate lilies and save money


There are many ways you can propagate lilies: dividing, scaling, by seeds or bulbils… Each of these methods has pros and cons, but they are not complicated. So, if you want to show off your own self-grown lilies, you should learn how to propagate them properly.

Bulb division method

Probably the easiest way to propagate lilies is by dividing bulbs. Around the largest bulb, smaller plants will form and eventually reach the size of the mother plant. If your leave lilies where they just sprouted they will grow and bloom just fine. But you do not want that. You want to divide them and give them a little more space. Division of bulbs is usually done when the mother plant reaches a height of about 10 cm. It could be in autumn or spring. You need to dig up the bulbs, separate the young ones and soak them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for about 30 minutes before planting. Plant them at the new spot in the same day.


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This is a rather quick method and it is based on an interesting fact. Onion scales are alive and can produce full-sized onions. First, you need to dig up the bulbs of adult lilies and you do that at the beginning of spring or autumn. Clean them thoroughly. Now, you have to do some really tedious work, which involves removing a certain number of outer scales, but you cannot reduce the volume of the onion by more than half. Replant what is left of the remaining bulb. Soak the scales for half an hour in weak potassium permanganate and then apply a treatment designed to help root formation. Dry them, add peat and mix well. Store in a box covered with lid. Place in a dark place where the temperature is around 23 °C. After six weeks, you need to reduce the temperature down to 17 °C and keep it like that for another four weeks. Small bulbs should start to form around this time. Adult plants appear during the second to third year after planting.

Propagation by stem bulbs

The downside to this method is that not all types of lilies produce stem bulbs but there are only few of such stubborn lilies. Stem bulbs are formed after flowering and you can find them in cavities between leaves and stems. When they ripe they separate and you can plant them. Best is to plant them in a container during autumn, and place the container in a cold room – temperature above zero, before winter. Young shoots appear on the bulbs at the beginning of spring and that is the right time to plant them in your garden.

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