White nettle grows about now. Collect it and have it ready for later

White nettle

White nettle (Lamium album) has been a popular herb since the ancient times. It is waking up from a deep winter sleep right now, and now is the best time to collect it, stock up and have it ready and utilize its healing powers. However, there are some myths and misconceptions in terms of its use. So, how should you use it correctly and what is a myth only?
White dead nettle or just white nettle belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It is able to grow virtually anywhere. All it needs is a little moisture and sun and it can grow fast and cover vast areas. Collecting is not difficult but you need to do it correctly.

Collect young cuts – before flowering

The vast majority of you probably think that you need to collect the tiny flowers. Well, this is such a time-consuming and painstaking job that all of you will be happy to hear that you may collect leaves too and still get the healing properties you need. Collect green cuttings before flowering and slowly dry them. They must not turn black and must not crumble. And how should you use it?

Decoctions for painful menstruation and cough

White nettle is a great herb, especially for women, because it suppresses painful menstruation, cramps and issues related to vaginal inflammation. It also relieves flatulence and digestive problems. Extracts are also used externally in the form of poultices which are applied to poorly healing wounds or acne.

White nettle

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Diarrhoea related issues

Our grandmothers used white nettle tea against diarrhoea, but there is no evidence to support this claim. White nettle was also used to treat haemorrhage or anaemia, but there are other herbs to treat these illnesses.

Medicinal use of Lamium galeobdolon

You can often find similar-looking plant around white nettle. It looks identical, but the – flowers are yellow. This plant is commonly known as the yellow archangel, but you do not need to collect it. It does have similar medicinal effects but white nettle is much better.

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