Strawflower oil can help you with many problems


Strawflower (Helichrysum italicum) is usually used as a favourite herb in soups and sauces, where it can replace common soup spice such as “maggi” or various curry-style spice mixes. But did you know that strawflower oil also offers medicinal effects?

It is quite possible that this ignorance is due to the fact that strawflower was cultivated rather sporadically in our corner of the world, probablydue to rainy summers which are not good for strawflower. So, if you decide to get one you need to plant it in a permeable, well-drained soil and in a sunny spot. Otherwise, it probably won’t last very long. Other than that, strawflower is rather easy to grow.

Strawflower helps against inflammation and sore muscles

Probably the best strawflower massage oil is from silvery-green leaves. And how to make it? Well, the entire process is rather simple. Take two large handfuls of the herb (leaves, stems and possibly flowers) and stuff them into a medium size glass and pour over good oil. Extra virgin olive oil is suitable, but you can also use cold-pressed jojoba or sunflower oil.

Store the glass in a cool, dark room and let it rest for at least two weeks (one month is recommended). After this time strain and store the finished oil into a well-sealed container. Use as needed.


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When is strawflower massage oil most useful?

Well, for example when you suffer from joint problems or when you get an inflammation, or when you suffer from reduced mobility, for example. Strawflower oil will help you with all these problems. It also helps restore youthful appearance of your skin and helps you fight fungus. For example, when you are massaging your feet, also massage the spaces between your toes where various fungi and other skin infections appear most often.

Aromatherapy – another benefit of straw flower oil

Even the aroma of strawflower can help you. The smell relieves tension and stress and it is also used to cope with neuralgia and insomnia. Massage the oil into your temples and you should feel relieved soon. You may also put few drops of the oil on a tissue or other suitable fabric and place it under your pillow. When you lie down to sleep inhale deeply the aroma around you to help you get a peaceful sleep.

Straw flower tea against bronchitis

Strawflower may also be used internally.Use two teaspoons of dried strawflower and pour hot water over it. Use three times a day to help you treat bronchial diseases or to clear nasal airways. Let the tea brew for 15 minutes and then drink it (you can sweeten it with honey). Use for a week or up to 14 days until problems disappear.

If you decide to add leaves of strawflower to your food regularly, you will benefit from improved digestion especially when eating heavy meals. Strawflower can reduce the unpleasant feeling of overeating and even gallbladder problems. We should all probably use it after barbecuing or after a heavy Sunday lunch, right?

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