How to store grapes for the winter


In many areas grape harvest is bad this year, but surprisingly other regions have experienced exceptionally good harvest. Yes, it is all about the weather. So, if you are the lucky one and have plenty of grapes we shall advise you how to preserve the great taste of grapes for the winter. We have prepared an easy recipe for grape syrup that even a total beginner can make.
It doesn’t really matter how much fruit you harvested it is the juice that you want, and based on the amount of juice you have, you can calculate how many ingredients you will need.

To process grape juice you will only need three ingredients

The most important thing is to choose the right grapes. Choose well-ripened ones, which contain plenty of sugar. Wash grapes well, do not use any damaged, rotten or “suspicious” fruit. Remove all stems. Yes, little laborious but necessary. Crush the fruit and let it sit in a cold room for few hours to let the fruit release juice. Use a fine cloth and strain well. You can also use a fruit press to make your work easier.

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Pour the juice into a measuring container to determine the volume. In general, you will need about 1.5 kg of sugar and 6-8 grams of citric acid for one litter of grape juice. Do not change any ingredients mentioned here, otherwise we cannot guarantee the result.

Dissolve the acid in a spoonful of juice and mix into the juice. Slowly heat it up and add sugar while stirring. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Keep an eye on the temperature as it should not exceed 85 °C. If you exceed this temperature the juice will lose its taste, aroma and vitamins. When you reach this temperature, cook for another three minutes and then pour the hot syrup into prepared glasses and close with lids tightly. Turn upside down and let cool.

Bet on herbs

You can improve this basic syrup recipe with special herbs by adding few sprigs of mint, lemon balm or lavender. This will give the syrup a pleasant aroma and interesting touch of flavour.

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