Growing useful herbs (Origanum vulgare)

In the past, oregano was used for many purposes. For example, it was added to love potions as a unique ingredient or used as a talisman against evil spirits. Many used oregano as the identifier of the right direction leading towards eternal life and lifelong happiness or even ecstasy. In ancient times, the Egyptians dedicated oregano to the god Osiris. We shall not focus on the healing effects of oregano, but rather how to grow it properly.

Site and soil selection

Oregano loves the sun. If you can, plant it in a place that gets a lot of sun. That way you will ensure that your oregano will get enough light and warmth. As far as the soil is concerned, choose loamy subsoil but it will grow fine in more humus-rich soil as well.

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Watering and fertilizing

For vast majority of plants regular watering is no brainer, of course. Best use water that has been sitting for a while. A good idea is to pour water into the bowl under the flower box and let the plant use whatever water it needs. It is recommended to plant this herb, like the majority of others, directly in the veggie patch in your garden. In short, herbs never grow as well in a room as they do outside. Fertilize every 14 days and use organic fertilizer.

Transplanting and propagating

You can transplant oregano as you need. It is usually propagated by top cuttings which are put in water to take root. When the roots grow, you may transplant it in the soil. Oregano is capable of wintering in cold areas where the temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius. But if you have a larger shrub it should be able to deal with a mild winter too. In any case, oregano is a plant that is not very demanding and it is easily grown by people who are not so dedicated to plant growing or who simply do not have that much time for gardening.

Photo: Pixabay

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