Daisy (Leucanthemum): Growing a seemingly ordinary beauty


Everybody knows daisy. This traditional flower, which decorates many meadows during the spring, means something for each of us! But why not trying to grow such beauty right at home? This perennial can grow up to 1 m high. Daisy is sometimes referred to as Chrysanthemum, but it belongs to the Leucanthemum genus . We all know its beautiful large white flowers with finely frayed edges. The middle of the flower is usually dark yellow. So, how to grow this beauty? We shall give you few tips.

Different species, different inflorescences

There are many varieties of Leucanthemum. The typical variety is L. maximum, which means the largest daisy and it is typical for its beautiful and large flowers. The plant begins to proudly show off these flowers at the beginning of July. White daisy, L. vulgare, is very common as well as Esther read, which can reach a height of up to 60 cm and has full-bodied flowers. You can also select between Snowcap, which can reach 15 cm, or Wirral supreme which can grow up to 90 cm but has smaller flowers.

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Basic growing rules

Daisy is not demanding at all and it is easy to grow. This perennial plant likes both partial shade and direct light. As a matter of fact, it does not care. Standard garden soil will work just fine. Just make sure you will not get the plant too wet by watering, which negatively impact the growth. Daisy has tendency to rot in a wet environment. If all goes well, you will enjoy flowers during the month of June, July and August.

Propagating and transplanting

You will have no problem with propagating. Propagating is done during the spring through cuttings. For example, L. maximum variety does well in one spot only and you may leave it there for up to three years. Then you shall divide the plant and transplant it. As for pests, daisies are most often attacked by aphids, but there are many different chemicals that successfully fight aphids, so you do not need to worry much.

Photo: Pixabay

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