Growing marigold (Calendula officinalis)


Marigold is one of the most well-known, undemanding and healing annuals. It is basically the oldest plant of its kind. It has its origins in the Mediterranean and has been cultivated for more than 600 years, mainly for medicinal purposes. Today we grow marigold mainly as an ornamental flower. Its yellow or orange flowers are simple and close at night, but never fail to attract our attention. Marigold blooms from May until the first frosts hit. As for the height marigold, can reach between 40 and 70 cm .

Selecting the right growing location is important

First, you need to select the proper location even though marigold is not very demanding as some other annuals may be an it will do well both in shady places as well as in the sun. Gardeners often choose marigold as a pre-crop for a variety of other useful plants. For example, marigold is used to protect tomatoes against various pests such as Tylenchida and spider mites . Marigold is also used as an excellent a green fertilizer.

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Caring for marigold

Taking care of marigold is not very difficult. Even children can do that. Best is to saw in April and directly to your flowerbed. Use small pinches of seeds and leave a space around 30 cm between each pinch. Your first flowers should appear in about 10 weeks. If you want to enjoy flowers little earlier, even a month earlier, plant marigold in the fall. But only do so in warmer climates. The soil around the plant needs to be loosened at regular intervals and when the weather is too dry do not forget to water it regularly. Propagation is done using mature seeds but marigold is also capable of spreading by itself.

Few hints and tips

Marigold is also commonly used in medicine. An extract from marigold is used to treat menstrual problems and unpleasant pains, including cramps. Ointment from marigold is known for its antiseptic effects and it is widely used to treat various wounds and inflammations. In cooking, petals are sometimes used instead of saffron.

Photo: Pixabay

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