Coriander: Growing and interesting facts

Herb growing is becoming more and more popular. Cooking your dishes from fresh ingredients is very much in style, and if you can grow your own fresh veggies right in your garden, then you are in. Coriander is without a doubt one of the most popular herbs today. Entire crushed seeds are used in cooking or are added to pastries. Fresh coriander leaves are excellent in sauces, pastas or vegetable salads.

Growing coriander from seeds

Coriander can be easily grown from seeds and you can get them in any garden shop. You will also need a high-quality soil substrate and a flowerpot. Germination may take a while, but you can speed it up a little bit if you soak seeds for about 2 to 3 days in lukewarm water. Sow in flowerpot, water well and place it at a sunny spot. Now, you just wait for the magic to begin – make sure you water regularly.

cilantroPhoto: Pixabay

Coriander growing – basic rules

No encyclopaedic knowledge is required to grow coriander. The plant loves the sun, so place it at a sunny location with plenty of light and warmth. A space behind the window oriented towards the south is an excellent choice. Make sure to choose very nutritious and light soil and of course water properly and regularly. Try not to use water directly from the tap. Let the water sit for a while and then use it.

Few words about harvesting

You may harvest the first coriander leaves within few weeks. The plant has two types of leaves. Some leaves are round and strongly resemble parsley leaves. The second type offers a spicy flavour. Fresh leaves should be harvested continuously but you should allow the seeds to turn brown. As for storage, leaves may be both frozen and dried. Both methods are fine. Just pick the one you prefer.

Photo: Pixabay

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