Tomato transplanting


Not surprisingly, tomatoes are among the most popular crops in our gardens. Tomatoes are very easy to grow and you almost always get your harvest. Sometimes the harvest is good and sometimes, well not so good. If you are getting ready to plant tomato seedlings, try watching our short video at the end of this article to get some inspiration. Sure tomato growing is not complicated, but it does not hurt to follow some basic rules. Let us give you some.

Seedlings must be prepared and ready

You can only transplant your seedlings when they are strong enough to take a root. You can usually tell they are ready when they reach a height of at least about 30 cm. You can transplant lower seedlings too, but it will take longer for them to adapt. Pay attention to the outside temperature. It is not recommended to take your tomatoes outside of your greenhouse before May 15 or so, because night temperatures may still fall below freezing and tomatoes will not survive that.

Choose the right tomato stakes

Make sure to select the right tomato sticks and it should not be a problem as there are many types available in the market. Typical stakes are made of various wooden sticks, which you simply cut to the appropriate length. But we recommend using more durable material such as certain type of metals which do not rot in the ground easy. Go for spiral stakes and to your tomato plants will climb around them. You still need to tie the plants to the stake, but it will be easier and the result is perfect. Spiral stakes are most often available in length of 180 cm.

The root system

Tomato seedlings already have a developed root system when you transplanting. To remove your seedling from the plastic cup easier, push on both side of the plastic cup. This will release the seedling and the entire root system from the plastic cup or pot, you will not break the root system and the seedling will take root quicker.

Transplanting tomatoes

Video: Youtube Radek Štěpán

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