Eurasian smoke tree – a great addition to your garden

Eurasian smoke tree

November is the right time to plant deciduous bushes and shrubs and one candidate would be the Eurasian smoke tree (Cotinus coggygria). It is a beautiful tree or large bush with an unusual appearance. It will make you happy several times a year, in particular in June and July when it blooms with yellowish flowers. At the end of summer you will enjoy delicate and intertwined “hair” this plant produces, and in autumn, the leaves of the plant turn orange-yellow. The entire bush usually reaches a height of 2-3 meters (less often 5 m) and a diameter of 2-4 m.

Rapid growth

The bush also produces kidney-shaped, hairy fruits that are classified as drupes and are several millimetres in size. Leaves are oval and are 3 to 8 cm long. The bush is typical for it long overhanging branches which grow up to 1 meter in one year. Even though it grows quickly do not prune it too much giving the fact that bush blooms only after two years. It tolerates pruning well, but it will have hard time to bloom and produce the typical “hair” after pruning.

Eurasian smoke tree

Photo: Pixabay

Site selection

Choose a warm and bright place with well-drained soil. Eurasian smoke tree cannot tolerate permanently wet soil. On the other hand it is resistant to droughts. So, only moist the soil around it. It cannot be muddy. It is a frost-resistant and an easy-to-grow plant. The bush is rather robust so, before planting make sure you have enough space in your garden.


We have already indicated that the bush tolerates pruning and cutting well. If you have limited space or want to shape the plant, you may prune it regularly. You can also create a tree with a crown if you prune it properly but keep in mind that it blooms only on two-year-old branches…If you let it grow it will create a lush, sprawling bush that will stand out. Best if you let it grow alone.

Eurasian smoke tree

Photo: Pixabay

The most beautiful cultivars

There are many cultivars sold under the name Cotinus coggygria. But the most popular and most beautiful cultivars are Royal Purple (beautiful dark purple leaves), Purpureus (green leaves and red-coloured hair and
Pendulus (overhanging branches).

Preview photo: Pixabay

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