Store walnuts and other nuts using your freezer and microwave oven


It doesn’t matter whether you have big walnuts or hazelnuts because storing nuts properly can be a real challenge, especially for those of us who are not really experienced. But thanks to modern technologies and to few handy tips, you can make everything easier.

Before you start cracking nuts make sure that all nuts are properly dried and to do so, make sure that all nuts have been resting on a plate, sheet or large tray for several days at least. Then you can transfer them into textile bags and hang them above the ground to prevent unwelcome creatures from reaching them. Well, if you live in a small apartment any you don’t have a room to spare, you probably have to crack all nuts.

Quick consumption is the best

When you have cracked all the nuts you should think carefully what you want to do with them. Do you want to use them for Christmas baking? If so, then you should know that you should store them loosely in a jar or plastic box. Nuts will remain in perfect condition for two months or so, that is when stored properly, in your pantry for example. Refrigerating will extend the shelf life by a month, but that’s about it. After that nuts will get bitter and sometimes they even turn rancid.


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So, let us talk about freezing. It really doesn’t matter whether you choose to freeze whole nuts or you grind them or make crumbles out of them. Before you put nuts in your freezer make sure that there are no unwanted smells or aromas in the freezer. Nuts absorb smells easily. Strong plastic bags or zipper bags designed for storage are great. Nuts will last about a year in freezer.


Yes, you can “sterilize” nuts in a process called canning. All it takes is 20 minutes. When done turn the glasses upside down. Wait before they cooled down completely and then store them in a pantry. Are you reluctant to go through the entire canning process for few glasses only? Well, try different approach. Place uncapped glasses in your microwave and turn it on. Set the oven to the highest power. Three minutes will do. Cover them immediately and turn them upside down. Wear gloves, as the glass gets hot quickly. Nuts preserved in this way will last 2-3 years in the pantry. Wow.

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