Portobello mushroom against migraines?

Portobello mushroom

Do you love mushrooms and love to eat them even during the winter months? No wonder, mushrooms taste great and probably bring back nice summer memories… Nevertheless, to get fresh forest mushrooms in winter is impossible. The only option is to bet on mushrooms sold in supermarkets. Portobello mushrooms are an excellent choice for example, as they make an outstanding side dish or even a nice substitute for meat. Portobello mushrooms have almost no calories, a lot of fibre and contain substances that fight free radicals.

A weapon against cancer?

It is said that Portobello mushrooms can fight cancer growth. For example, a study from Arizona State University reported that Portobello mushrooms can protect women against breast cancer. Brazilian studies say that these mushroom can even destroys cancerous growths in the liver. Portobello mushrooms contain beta-glucans that are probably responsible for these statements. They also contain very strong phytochemicals and other beneficial substances.

Portobello mushroom

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No more headaches?

Portobellos also contain plenty of vitamin B-2 and riboflavin, which is a powerful combination used against headaches so, people suffering from severe chronic headaches should consume Portobello mushrooms. People suffering from severe headaches often take stronger doses of riboflavin… This substance can eliminate or shorten the duration of the pain.

Help your thyroid

Portobello mushrooms contain approximately 30% of the recommended daily dose of selenium, which helps maintaining a healthy thyroid. Selenium also helps regulate the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Research has shown that selenium is a very important for the human body.

Portobello mushroom

Photo: Pixabay

Healthy bones

Potassium is another substance our body needs and portobello mushrooms contain a good portion of potassium. Lack of potassium leads to muscle spasms or increased fatigue and may even increase symptoms of depression. No one wants that. And what about our bones? Well, potassium helps absorb calcium and other nutrients that keep our bones healthy and strong and finally, portobello mushrooms offer anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to very low caloric content they are often a part of many weight reduction diets.

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