Do cut cherry twigs need freezing weather to bloom during Christmas? Not really, but you need to get the twigs ready.

Cherry twigs

This question has become very relevant especially, during the recent years. Cutting cherry twigs is a nice custom, but how do you make sure it will bloom during the Christmas Day? What about if you live in warmer regions, where freezing weather is rare.

By the way, cutting cherry twigs is not just an ordinary Christmas custom and decoration. This tradition was followed so people can do some magic over a blooming little cherry branch and predict the future. Exciting right? Especially young girls loved that – if the little branch bloomed on Christmas Day, they hoped to get married in the following year…

How to make sure that a cherry twig will help you to predict the future?

Well, you need to cut the branch exactly on the St. Barbara day and that is 4 December. No sooner no later. So, let us say you did exactly that. But what if the weather outside is rainy and no cold or frost in sight? You do not need to worry much, but you need to place the branchesin the freezer for two days. But be careful when doing so, as you cannot damage the buds.

Cherry twigs

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And if you don’t have room in the freezer, try soaking the branch for ten minutes in a vase with warm (but not hot) water. Both methods should work well.

So, how to make sure that the branch will bloom?

Cut the ends of the branch diagonally with a sharp knife and place it in a vase where the room temperature is constant. Don’t forget to change the water regularly and make sure that it that it doesn’t rot. To be safe, put a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in the water and it will not go bad for a long time.

Well, there is a catch of course. The temperature in our homes is slightly higher than it used to be when our grandmothers did the trick and so the branch often blooms too early. Especially, if you love higher temperature in your house and you keep it that way, you should probably wait for 4-5 days more before cutting. This will postpone the blooming date and it should bloom at the right time…

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