Do not throw away ginger peel!

Do you like ginger? Well, ginger could be very strong, but that is why you like it, right? Especially during the flu season, or if get covid, you should have ginger at home and use it at least as tea. However, ginger is a plant that is used not only in kitchen but also in cosmetics and other household products. We shall look at non-traditional uses of ginger in more detail, especially the peels. Ginger peel is full of good stuff and it is a shame that many of us put it in compost and feel great about it.

Non-traditional use of ginger

We have already written about ginger use in kitchen and we mentioned how to prepare syrups, punches, various yogurt drinks or how ginger can become a great side dish for sushi. Pickled or powdered ginger is also excellent. As for cosmetics, ginger massage oil is probably the most known product. You can make a ginger massage oil by mixing sesame oil with squeezed ginger juice in 1:1 ratio. Ginger may also be used as a face mask. Simply brew ginger tea, soak a cotton cloth in it and apply it to your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes.


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Ginger peels in two variations

As already mentioned, you should not throw away ginger peels as there are many uses.

Dried peels as a natural air freshener

Dry peels in the same way as you would lemon peelsand you will refresh your entire apartment with a great scent. You do not need plenty of room either. Just put the peels on a baking paper and let them dry.

Natural polish

Put peels in water and let them soak to extract the scent. Then pour the extract into a spray bottle, add little vinegar and you have a great polish.Use it to polish shoes and you will be surprised. You may use the polish to rejuvenate many other products or surfaces, and as a bonus, you will get a great scent!

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