What are the most popular hen breeds


Many people buy hens and do not even care if they are for laying eggs or not because they use their hens as an aesthetic addition to their garden. Today’s article shall explain what types of hens can be bred, how they differ from each other and what are the most famous breeds.

Hens bred for meat

Hens that are bred for meat are usually quite robust and heavier than the other breeds. These are bred with a specific goal in mind and that is to have the largest weight gains in the fastest time possible . Hens that are bred for meat are usually friendly and calm and may be kept in smaller hencoops. Smaller area prevents excessive movement and unwanted weight loss. For example, the most famous breed in this category is the Cochin breed.

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Egg laying breeds

Most breeders buy hens to have fresh eggs. They want their hens to lay as many eggs as possible because that is their primary “job”. These kinds are rather light and more active. You could often see them digging and looking for food. Thanks to their lower weight they can fly, so it is a good idea to trim their wings early. It advisable to use a wooden chicken coop with larger paddock, chicken feeder and higher fence. Hens also suffer from various diseases, mostly caused by parasites, which is rather a common problem. The most common external parasite is red mite or nematodes, which are internal parasites. The most famous species in this breed includes for example, the Czech gold brindled hen Gallus domesticus, known as the common chicken or Plymouth rock chicken and many others. You can also come across a combination between egg-laying and meat breeds. The most famous are the Amrokskas, La Flash or Faverolles.

Decorative and fighting breeds

You all certainly know what cockfighting is. There are special breeds for this purpose and are bred quite differently. These are called fighting breeds. Fighting breeds must be kept separately because they cannot coexist with other hens . The most famous fighting breeds include Malay and Asil chicken. The opposite of fighting breeds are decorative breeds such as the Silkies and Padovana chicken.

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