Time for spring peas sowing


Peas are one of the first crops that you can start planting in the spring. Sure, many people may object to pea planting. Why bother with planting when you can by frozen or canned peas. True, but if try growing your own peas and taste the difference between store-bought and home-grown peas, you will never buy peas again. To help you do that we shall tell you how to sow peas and how to harvest.

Basic information about peas

Growing peas is very easy, but the growing season is rather short. The key to growing is to plant early in the spring so, the peas ripen while the weather is still cool. In our climate, it is ideal to sow peas in March or April at the latest. Autumn peas can also be grown in warmer regions, but they are not as tasty as peas sown in spring.


Photo: Radek Štěpán

When and how to plant

You can start sowing peas as soon as the soil is loose enough and not frozen all the way through. You can actually start about a month before the last frost. In our climate zone, the last frosts should end around the middle of May. So, you should have peas in the ground no later than in mid-April. Peas is doing well when the soil is still cold and can germinate slowly.You can also sow peas in raised rows. If it snows a little after you have sown, do not worry. Only stronger frosts lasting for several days could harm peas. If you do not want to sow before the spring you can do it at the end of summer, but at least six weeks before the first frosts hit.

Soil preparation

A sunny location where the soil provides a good drainage is ideal. Peas grow even in shade, but the harvest will never be as tasty and juicy as peas growing with enough sunlight and warmth.You should also change the location where you plant peas. If you want to fertilize you may do so. Peas mainly need phosphorus and potassium and as you know peas are climbing plants, so you should install stakes or support system right after sowing.


Peas are usually ripe 70 days after planting, but peas cannot stay fresh for long time and they lose taste soon. So, to enjoy a good tasting peas try to consume it as soon as possible.

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