The forgotten power of honey. Do not turn your back on honey!


Autumn and winter can be both beautiful and bad. Beautiful because trees around us display the wildest and most playful colours imaginable, but said too because we are all susceptible to various diseases. This is why we should all pay attention to prevention and use natural products and medicines. Take honey for example. If you consume honey you can reduce the risk of developing various civilization diseases and supposedly, you can also extend your life as well. Honey contains many substances beneficial to the human body and it is a powerful mixture of all kinds of goodies. So, what makes honey so special and how to choose the right one? And what types of ailments can honey fight?

Loaded with antioxidants

Presumably, honey contains around 180 beneficial nutrients. Let us mention just a few of them:

  • amino acids,
  • mineral substances such as calcium, iron or magnesium,
  • vitamins C, B9, choline and others,
  • flavonoids,
  • phenolic acids,
  • carbohydrates
  • and many other goodies.

Scientific studies tell us that regular consumption of honey supports the creation of substances that act as strong antioxidants.

HoneyPhoto: Pixabay

Are you buying the real stuff?

Other substances are often added to honey. All kinds of substitutes or even antibiotics may be added to the honey jar you buy in your store. You should definitely read labels carefully. Do not buy drinks sweetened with honey and buy honey directly from a beekeeper who is known for best quality.Honey is not just a sweetener it also contains fructose and sucrose.

So, what can you use honey for?

You can use honey to fight many diseases. Arthritis example. A cup of tea sweetened with honey and flavoured with cinnamon will help you to reduce the pain.Plus you will get the necessary energy very quickly. Do you suffer from high cholesterol levels? Well, honey does not contain any fat or cholesterol and cinnamon and honey reduce the symptoms of cold and cough. Supposedly, these ingredients can also help you to fight a hangover. Good to know.

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