How to preserve horseradish properly. There are several ways


Winter is around the corner and the harvest of the last crops is calling. Horseradish may be the typical example of the last crop. We have been using this aromatic plant with a strong burning taste for ages. Today we shall not focus on growing horseradish, which is very easy anyway, but on preserving it. As any vegetable or fruit, horseradish is best fresh. Storage will remove a certain amount of the strength and taste. Naturally, the texture will deteriorate a bit too. Either way, horseradish must be dug up before severe frosts hit.

Several ways to keep horseradish fresh – in your refrigerator

If you decide to store horseradish in your fridge make sure it is moist enough. A bowl with water or a bottle is best.Or you can wrap it in a cloth and put it in a plastic bag. If you do it properly, your horseradish can last for up to a year in the refrigerator. You may also grate it and mix it with mustard, salt and vinegar. You may add a little sugar too.

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You may also freeze horseradish, but freezing will take out a large portion of the typical flavour. You may freeze the entire horseradish or you may grate it and mix with a lemon juice. Lemon juice will prevent it from turning dark.If you are freezing the whole roots make sure they are clean and dry. Wrap individual pieces in food foil and then put them in the freezer.

Storing horseradish in the cellar

Storage in the cellar is one of the best ways. You may store large roots – over 20 cm and around 2 to 3 cm in diameter.Best is to store the roots upright in a container filled with moist sand. If you are running out of space, you can put them down too, but the upright position is preferred. Make sure the sand is moistened evenly – all the way to the bottom layer.


Horseradish may also be stored in your pantry. Cut roots and place them in a pet bottle filled with water and make sure to change the water regularly.


First, cut the horseradish lengthwise. You do not need to shorten the roots. You may also grate it and dry it, but make sure the temperature in the dryer will not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.


There are many ways to marinate/pickle horseradish. The simplest one is to use vinegar.Fine grate the roots and then pour a little bit of vinegar over it to prevent browning. Boil water with vinegar and salt. The ratio of vinegar and water shall be 1:10 and you may add salt as needed and then boil the mixture at 80 °C for 20 minutes.

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