Yeast as a fertilizer for flowers: Good idea


There are many tips how you can prepare your own homemade fertilizer. Some are complex, some are simple, some work and some do not. Everybody uses fertilizers for flowers of course, but do homemade fertilizers work? Those of you who tried it swear that their flowers have grown in size, are healthy and great in appearance. Well, you should try too!

Yeast not only for baking

One cube of yeast costs next to nothing and we all use it to prepare yeast dough and some of us even prepare a yeast soup. But using baking yeast as a fertilizer for your flowers sounds little bit strange, doesn’t it? But yeast is indeed added to promote growth and promote beautiful flowers. Even professional gardeners and growers use it. But is this interesting idea really effective? Well, you need to try it.

Why should you use yeast?

There are several reasons. Yeast promotes the growth of important microorganisms in soil, which in turn improve the quality of the soil and better soil equals better harvest. Another reason is that yeast produces carbon dioxide, which is very important for root systems. Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the soil, but yeast increases the amount several times.

YeastPhoto: Pixabay

How should you do it?

If you want to try it, you need to prepare special yeast. You will need 10 g of cubed yeast. Make little crumbles out of it and mix them in a jar with one spoon of sugar. Add one litre of water and cook on very low for about two hours. Before using this solution you must dilute it in ratio 1:5. Water your flowers as you would during a regular season – once a month in autumn and winter, and every 10 days in spring and summer. That is all folks. Let us know if it worked.

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