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Sowbread – what to do when it refuses to grow

Radek Štěpán 25. 12. 2022

Sowbread is one of the classic holiday flowers, but when you grow it at home it often dies within a single month. The most common cause is an infection by aphids or fungi. If your sowbread has been attacked by…


Ants on trees: How to solve an age-old problem

Radek Štěpán 25. 04. 2022

Have you noticed ants crawling on your trees ? Probably yes, but you did not think much of it, and you are basically right. Ants do not really harm your trees, but they can bring aphids with them…


The most common greenhouse pets

Radek Štěpán 20. 04. 2022

Growing plants in a greenhouse has one big advantage. We are not dependent on the weather. On the other hand, pests living in the greenhouse, which are not a danger when plants live outdoors, are more dangerous in…