How to fight aphids, caterpillars of whiteflies

If you remember how cold, or rather not cold this winter was, it is reasonable to say that we will deal with all kinds of garden pests – much more than in previous years. So, you had better be ready and that means you need to prepare ahead of time, right?

Call your favourite chilli pepper to the rescue. Yes, this wonderful vegetable should not only be used as a great flavouring but also to help you to fight various enemies lurking in your garden. Here it goes. We going to make a really effective spray.
All you need to do is to boil chilli peppers for 30 minutes and let the ”medicine” sit overnight. If you do that aphids and the like will not have a chance.

There are quite a few recipes and each gardener probably has his own. We shall give you two proven ones that you can use. The first recipe is very easy and you will only need water and chilli peppers. For the second recipe you will also need few drops drop of alcohol. Not a big deal.

High temperatures degrade capsaicin in chilli peppers, right?

Take 50 grams of dried chilli peppers and boil them in one litre of water. First, bring the water to a boil, and then pour in chilly papers and cook for 20 minutes. Let it soak overnight, and in the morning, strain the liquid using a fine sieve or cloth. Now, dilute the extract with five litres of water and use every time you have problems with unwanted visitors. Not only aphids. Capsaicin will scare away caterpillars, whiteflies, worms and other pests.

Do not be afraid that boiling will destroy capsaicin. Yes, high temperature destroys capsaicin but only when it reaches approximately 200°C and you will not reach this temperature through boiling.


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Stronger spray

If the first recipe is not strong enough for you then you need to pull out the big guns. Start by getting pure alcohol. Pour crushed chilli peppers (you can also use fresh chillies) into a container and add alcohol and let it infuse for one day at least. We recommend three days . A good idea is to prepare it ahead of time so you have it ready when needed.

Strain and mix with water in a ratio of 1:1. Apply as neededand be careful, as this stuff is really powerful. Do not spray during hot summer days, as you can damage your plants. A cloudy morning or evening is best.

How to get rid of capsaicin easily

Do you have troubles to clean the bottle after spraying? Well, capsaicin could be very stubborn A lemon is the way to go. Wipe all surfaces and parts with a lemon juice, then with alcohol and then with a regular dishwashing liquid and that should do it. No unpleasant burning residues. All burning is gone.

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