How can you use Coca-Cola or regular salt in your garden?


We often we have various “stuff” at home that can helps us fight pests and we do not even know it. Many of these helpers are waiting for you in your pantry.

Read on and learn how the popular, carbonated and very sweet drink called Coca-Cola or regular mustard, salt or even kefir (fermented milk) can help you.

Salt as a great fertilizer for beetroot

Do you grow this dark red and healthy plant in your garden? Then you might be wondering how to increase its sweet taste. Well, it is not difficult at all.All you need is one spoonful of salt. Mix salt in ten litres of water and pour the mixture over young beets – when the first four or five leaves appear. Do it again about one month before harvest. The sweet taste will be even sweeter.


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Coca-Cola works great against aphids

Yeah, it does kind of… but if you really do not have anything else, pour the drink into a spray bottle and spray the affected plants. Consider it as the first step Later you may use a garlic infusion, tobacco spray or even insecticides. If the natural stuff will not do it, the insecticides will…Coca-Cola may also be used to trap slugs. Bury Coca-Cola cans or containers in your garden and collect the uninvited visitors in the morning.

Fermented milk as a great fertilizer for strawberries

You would never have guessed it. Well, this year you can try it on a small spot of land. Mix one litre of fermented milk in ten litres of water and water strawberries with it.This special mixture will supply strawberries with friendly bacteria and other necessary nutrients. First, use it during the flowering phase and continue using it once every two weeks until the last fruits.

How about a plain mustard?

If you grind it and mix it with ten litres of water, you get a “universal” insecticide. Let it sit for a day, strain it and dilute it in 1:10 ratio. Aphids, whiteflies and other pests will not stand a chance.

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