Do not buy expensive orchid fertilizers

Banana peel

Orchids can be capricious, especially various tropical species. But Phalaenopsis for example, is rather easy to grow, and with little care, any beginner can do it. Little care goes far and if you provide it, Phalaenopsis will reward you with many long-lasting flowers. These two facts make this species one of the most popular flowers of all houseplants. You need to pay attention to watering though. Once a week you immerse the pot in water at room temperature for a few hours and then you place it at a bright place.

Banana peel

Instead of buying expensive orchid fertilizers, you can make a fertilizer at home. Banana peel is as good as store-bought and your orchids will grow well all year round. A natural fertilizer has one big advantage – you can hardly “overdose”. Banana peel contains all essential nutrients: phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. But make sure you are using peels from a healthy banana. Do not use peels that are black or brown.


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How to use banana fertilizer

First, you need to make a banana peel infusion. Get a container that can accommodate 3 litres. You must clean the container thoroughly (sterilize it). Boil 3 litres of water. As soon as the water starts to boil, turn it off and let it cool down to 40°C. In the meantime, you prepare the banana peel. If there is still pulp or flesh get rid of it. Rinse the peel and put it in the container. Fill it with water and close it with a lid. Let it sit in a dark room for about 3 days. You can start using it – but before pouring it on your orchids, you need to dilute it with water in 1:1 ratio.

How to use banana peel infusion

The infusion supports production of chlorophyll in the plant, thereby contributing to its overall health – and healthy orchids will bloom more. You can apply the fertilizer in different ways. Pour diluted fertilizer directly in the flower pot or soak the pot in the infusion (when you do regular watering). Another method is to pour the infusion into an atomizer and spray it on the leaves.

Onion fertilizer

You can also make a fertilizer from onions. Pour 1.5 l of water over a handful of onion peels and boil it for 6 minutes. Once it has cooled down, drain it and use it once a month as fertilizer. If you do not use it all on orchids, you may use it on other plants too. This infusion cannot be stored so, if you have unused fertilizer, pour it away.


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