How to make sure that your surfinias will do well this year


Would you like to have your balcony blooming all summer long, but somehow you can’t manage? Try to plant some surfinias this year. If you follow our tips, you will succeed this year.

Surfinias are “overhanging” petunias(Petunia × atkinsiana), and they are known for their ability to multiply very easily. The name Surfinia is actually a trademark of a Japanese company called SUNTORY, but today we use the name to refer to all overhanging cultivars.

Light and heat

Surfinias love light and warm weather – they will not bloom in a shade. So you should definitely choose south, south-east or south-west balcony. But be aware of heavy rain and thunderstorms. You need to hide your plants from harsh weather. Surfinias are rather fragile flowers and take a long time to recover from damage caused by thunderstorms or strong winds.

Suitable soil

Substrate should contain a lot of humus and nutrients. Surfinias crave nutrients and high humidity, but we also recommend adding sand to the soil. Sand will make it lighter and the soil will not get compacted around the roots. Compacted soil slows down the growth. Further, try to maintain the soil pH between 5.5 and 6.5. If it is higher, the plants will not absorb iron well and they need iron badly to grow. Without iron surfinias may fade away and die.

Surfinias Photo: Pixabay

Correct fertilization

Use mineral fertilizers specially designed for surfinias or at least for balcony plants. Add fertilizer to water (granulate fertilizers are not recommended) and do so during the entire growing season. Fertilizer should be added even during rainy and otherwise unfavourable weather – especially, if your flower boxes are not under a roof, because fertilizers increase resistance to diseases and significantly accelerate regeneration of plants.

Caring for your surfinias

The most important thing you can do when caring for balcony surfinias is to remove faded flowers regularly. If you do, your surfinias will bloom abundantly and you will also reduce the risk of fungal diseases, which often attack surfinias – especially during the rainy summer months.


Surfinias need a lot of water because they grow fast so, never allow the soil to dry out completely. If the weather is too hot you may even water twice a day. A great way to handle that is to use self-watering flower pots, which shall take care of watering for you.

Pest protection

Surfinias are often attacked by aphids and whiteflies. If you notice aphids or whiteflies you need to act as soon as possible, otherwise you may lose your flowers. Use suitable chemical sprays and repeat regularly.

And where should you look for these annoying pests? Well, look at the youngest leaves and buds and check them every day – at least a quick glance. Whiteflies, in particular, are able to destroy your surfinias really quickly (and they also spread to other balcony plants). If you do not want to use chemicals, try using soap water or tobacco infusion first.

Preview photo: Pixabay

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