Efficient protection of roses against aphids


Aphids are nasty little bugs that suck juices from all sorts of plants but they are specially attracted to roses. This little green bug can do a lot of damage and getting rid of it is not easy. Below we shall give you some tips on how to win the battle with aphids.


There are many products on the market that should help you get rid of these little bugs. These include, for example, Neudosan, which is gentle to other animals, while killing all sucking pests, including aphids. Neudosan contains potassium salts found in natural fatty acids, which break down quickly in nature. Application is simple – spray it on the attacked parts. Other popular chemicals include Mospilan 20 SP, Pirimor 50 WG or Calypso 480 SC.

Soap water

A cheap solution may be a soapy water. You can create the solution by simply mixing washing gel, powder or soap with water (one spoonful of soap per litter of water). Pour the solution into an atomizer bottle and spray the affected part of the plant (avoid the soil).

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Protection and fertilizer at the same time

Chop common nettles or lavender, put it in a container and pour water over the chopped mush. Let it stand for about a week and then pour it on the affected parts of the plants. You can also use the solution to water your roses. This mixture does not only protect your roses, but also fertilizes them. Use the mixture for several days in a row – until you get rid of aphids.

Natural enemies

If you want to be inventive and use natural methods, you can “call in” natural enemies of aphids. These include ladybugs, common green lacewings, earwigs and fruit flies. If you provide them with shelters (stacks of tree branches or various boxes) and give them enough food, they will gather in your garden and help you to get rid of aphids.

Infusion from tomato leaves?

Yes. Tomato leaves contain substances that can fight insects. These substances are called alkaloids and destroy parasitic insects. Soak tomato leaves in water overnight. The next day, strain the water and squeeze out as much liquid as possible from the leaves. Use this infusion to spray aphid-infested roses.

Broth from cigarette butts

ICollect cigarette butts, put them in water and boil briefly. Let it cool down and spray this infusion on aphids.

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