Simple tricks how to rid your fruits and vegetables of chemicals


Do you buy fruit and vegetables in supermarkets? Well, most of us do. Unfortunately, there are not too many alternative places where you can buy food items these days as everything is centred around supermarkets. However, if you buy fruits and vegetables in supermarkets you need to know that the surface of various fruits is treated with chemicals. This is done to make sure that the fruit will not spoil quickly and therefore remain appetizing longer. The good news is that getting rid of these chemicals may not always be difficult even though washing with regular water will not do the trick. Try using one of the following tips.


If you want to get rid of pesticides on fruits and vegetables, peel them. However, if you know where the fruit or vegetable came from and you sure that no chemicals has been used to make them look nice, you do not need to peel it. The vast majority of vitamins lives under the skin, we all know that… Also fibre is hidden under the peel, and we need fibre to keep our intestines clean and maintain healthy digestion. You should always peel exotic fruits and vegetables for obvious reasons. Oranges and tangerines are a typical example.


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Vinegar bath

Vinegar is an excellent choice not only for household cleaning and limestone dissolving purposes. You can make a special solution and bathe fruits and vegetables in it. A vinegar bath should get rid of unwanted chemicals. 90% water and 10% vinegar is ideal. Let the solution work for about 20 minutes, then rinse and wipe dry. This vinegar bath is very weak so do not worry about destroying the fruit. It will not affect the taste in any way. Alternatively, you can also use lemon with salt instead of vinegar – the choice is yours.


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Squeeze the juice out

This is a simple advise and may sound like a waste to someone… Juicing will get you the necessary amount of vitamins and other very important substances and you will throw away the skin and flesh of course. Juicers are very efficient machines and there are many different models on the market. Some machines let you make fruit smoothies that also contain fleshy parts of fruit or vegetables.

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